“Between me and you, before my role at OurPass, I had no idea what Y Combinator was,” Toluwanimi Onakoya, Content Manager at OurPass

“Between me and you, before my role at OurPass, I had no idea what Y Combinator was,” Toluwanimi Onakoya, Content Manager at OurPass
Toluwanimi Onakoya

In this piece, Content Manager at OurPass, Toluwanimi Onakoya, shares her most memorable experience working at the fast-paced startup, the challenges she’s faced and her proudest accomplishments to date.

Introduce yourself. What do you do at OurPass?

I am Toluwanimi Onakoya, the Content Manager at OurPass. I am in charge of creating top-notch, quality OurPass brand content.

What has been the coolest thing about working at OurPass?

Definitely getting to meet such amazing, inspiring colleagues who are well accomplished and formidable in their own right.

How do you think OurPass is different from other startups?

First and foremost, OurPass’ product differentiates it from other startups. OurPass is the first one-click checkout in Africa. OurPass is making history by redefining and revolutionising the way Africans shop; making it safer, faster and easier.

What is your average day at work like?

I’d say it largely depends. Mondays are hectic, with meetings and meetings. An average day, however, would mostly involve a lot of brainstorming, writing, reviewing and editing.

What is one interesting thing that happened to you at OurPass?

MMH. I think that would be the quarterly review meet that we had at Radisson Blu sometime in March. Aside from it being a very serious meet, it was actually also fun. Interacting with everyone was a delight, particularly since we work remotely on a norm.

When you are not working, how do you like to spend your free time?

Writing. Yes, I’m such a nerd. I know. I run a personal blog, where I love to share pop culture commentary, fiction and life experiences. That’s relaxing for me. I love listening to music and watching movies as well. Also, just hanging out with friends is super important to me.

If you could describe OurPass in one sentence, what would it be?

OurPass is innovative and fast-paced.

What is your proudest accomplishment at OurPass?

Ah! Any and every written content pushed out is an extremely proud accomplishment of mine. Best believe that the content was curated and written with extreme care, attention to detail and a little wittiness.

How has your life changed since working at OurPass?

Mmmh. It’s a different industry for me. So, I’m learning a lot. Between me and you, before my role at OurPass, I had no idea what Y Combinator was.  I've assimilated so much in such a short time that I can now confidently speak on a variety of topics.

What lessons have you learned from your stay at OurPass?

Don't be afraid to try something new. OurPass has shown me the importance of trying first, instead of letting speculations of failure keep you from trying at all.

What has been your biggest challenge yet working at OurPass, and how do/did you manage it?

Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve had a major challenge yet. I think just getting used to new terms and picking up new things, really. But it’s more fun and enlightening than challenging.


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