How to keep your financial details safe when shopping online

How to keep your financial details safe when shopping online
How to keep your financial details safe when shopping online

Online shopping is easier and more convenient than having to visit a store. Doing it carelessly, however, can put you at the risk of scammers and hackers. How then do you ensure your financial details are secure while shopping online? Here are some tips below:

  1. Do proper research

You’ve got to do proper research on any online shopping platform before making use of them- research on what data would be stored on a particular platform and what measures it would require to secure your data before shopping on them. You must be sure to shop on a well-known website. This makes it safer to use, as it has already been used and verified by several other customers.

2. Protect your device using security software

It is critical for users to ensure that their device, whether a phone or laptop is kept safe. Ensure you install and update security software such as firewalls, anti-virus protection software etc. Be very careful about what you download, as well. In addition, always clear your device cache and browsing history.

3. Use a VPN

VPN is known as a virtual private network and it’s a tool that can help protect your online privacy. It helps to encrypt the data you are sending or receiving, which makes it difficult for another person on the network to see or have access to your information. While shopping online, you can go the extra security mile by ensuring that your VPN is on.

4. Use strong passwords

A strong password should be at least 8-character-long and should include upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers. Avoid using easily guessed words like your name, the word ‘Password’ or the numbers ‘123’. Also, ensure that you activate two-factor authentication on all your platforms and for all online transactions.

5. Avoid clicking on unverified links or attachments

One of the ways scammers try to get people’s financial information is by sending fake emails or messages, pretending to be a legit company. Hence, to protect your financial details, don’t click on links or attachments in emails or text messages unless you’re sure it’s from a tested and verified source.

6. Don’t enter your personal information on public Wi-Fi or other people’s devices

Public Wi-Fi is not secure. They can be found in places like eateries, airports, shopping malls e.t.c. Shopping with public Wi-Fi is very risky. Therefore, while using them ensure to avoid putting your personal information on websites. It is also not safe to use other people’s devices for sensitive transactions, as they could gain access to your details.

7. Shop with OurPass

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Following these few tips should leave you assured that your financial details are more secured, particularly while shopping online.